Woke Up an Optimist, Sun was Shining I’m Positive

2 Apr Photo 2014-10-11, 3 43 49 PM

Photo 2014-10-11, 3 43 49 PM

Photo 2014-10-11, 3 41 12 PM

I know I’m not the only one that woke up today and thought SPRING!!! WARM WEATHER!! COLOURS!!!!
I pretty much have a uniform in the winter – black leather pants, black shirt, black leather jacket. However, as soon as that sun starts shining I automatically start to incorporate colour back into my wardrobe.

I wouldn’t say that my style if overtly feminie (although there’s a time and place for every look) so a studded blush pink motorcycle jacket is a great way for me to work one of Spring’s hottest hues. Pairing it against a neutral heather gray really allows it to pop.

The above outfit is a great example that good clothes don’t have to cost a fortune.

What I Am Wearing

Bodysuit: American Apparel
Jeans: H&M
Heels: Nine West
Jacket: Forever 21

Photos courtesy of @soksandsandals

Brooklyn We Go Hard

27 Oct 1-IMG_1202





This fall PUMA released a collection in collaboration with the Parisian fashion brand BWGH (Brooklyn We Go Hard). Although the collection is tailored for men I found that the silhouettes are slender enough that skinny jeans and high heels give it a feminine touch.

I kept the outfit clean and simple by choosing pieces that are complimentary of each other and fall within the same colour tone.

What I’m Wearing

PUMA x BWGH Oxford Panel Shirt
PUMA x BWGH Knitted Arran Jumper
Jeans: BDG
Heels: Nine West


Photos courtesy of @socks_to_be_you

The Printed Legging

8 Jul

IMG_0829 IMG_0832 IMG_0823 IMG_0807

I’m starting to get a serious collection of boldly printed leggings.  I have a floral pair, a pair with large skulls, another with smaller skulls, stripes –  just to name a few! My affinity for bold prints is so apparent that my friends know that a $10 legging makes for the perfect gift.  Seriously – we’re not keeping these around for years so buy a less expensive pair and save your money for classic, staple pieces that are worth investing in.
I paired my leggings with a leather peplum top. The peplum top is a classic silhouette but the material gives it an edge, complimenting the bold print. On my feet I’m sporting a neutral sneaker, the cream colour works well because it plays off the dashes of cream in the leggings.

Whenever wearing a bold print a  good rule is to balance the remainder of your outfit by choosing neutral pieces, just remember that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun with it.

What I’m Wearing

Top: Zara
Leggings: Gift
Sneakers: Tretorn Nylites

Photos courtesy of @socks_to_be_you



And We All Just Entertainers

10 Jun


IMG_0903 IMG_0911



The crop top has made its comeback. You will be sure to spot it at this summers’ hottest festivals, fairs, beaches and streets.

Ripped jeans + Nirvana T + leather jacket = the perfect badass look. I’m wearing sneakers on my feet but if you are feeling dangerous throw on your favourite pair of heels.
There are numerous ways of wearing a crop top and I’ll be showcasing them in the blog throughout the summer.

What I’m Wearing

Jeans: H&M
Crop Top: H&M
Sneakers: Tretorn Nylites


Photos courtesy of @socks_to_be_you

Flashing Lights

28 May








With warmth and sun comes bright, bold clothing!
I’m a huge fan of statement pieces and this skirt is just that. I love that it can easily be muted with a neutral top and shoe, yet still make an impact. The skirt is also the perfect length to wear with heels and most of all because it’s a solid colour it can be paired with an equally bright and bold print.

It’s summer – it’s time to start having fun with our wardrobe again!

What I’m Wearing

Skirt: H&M
Sneakers: Tretorn Nylites
Zip Up: PUMA
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell


Photos courtesy of @socks_to_be_you



Rock Forever 21 But Just Turned 30

8 May











I’m guilty – I can’t help but go into Forever 21! It’s the easiest solution to the one of the toughest questions on Earth … What am I going to wear tonight? Of course, before deciding what to wear you also have to know if it’s a flats night. If it is I’m throwing on my grey PUMA Suedes (first picture). If not, I’m definitely wearing my favourite heels.

The beauty of wearing black and white as a base is that you can do whatever you want with the rest of your outfit. Bright lips, bright shoes – fun accessories. I mean you’re already at F21 buying a shirt, you may as well pick up a $10 necklace.

Am I right?

What I’m Wearing

Shirt – Forever 21
Pants – American Apparel
Sneakers – PUMA
Heels – Miu Miu


Photos courtesy of @socks_to_be_you







24 Feb


Confession: I found my new online shopping addiction and it’s a consignment store.
Yay!! Designer goods at prices that don’t make me feel guilty. Seriously, I bought this vintage Louis Vuitton and was still able to buy groceries (I call that a win!)

Based out of Toronto Closet Collabo launched this past month and it’s awesome. The site is filled with amazing items from accessories (like this colourful Missoni scarf http://www.closetcollabo.ca/product/missoni-scarf/ ) to dresses (did someone say BCBG?? http://www.closetcollabo.ca/product/bcbg-tiered-tulle-dress/) and everything in between – literally! There is a great selection of shoes, jackets, handbags – you name it.

If you’ve ever wanted that designer item but didn’t want to pay the designer price than I suggest you check this site out.
ClosetCollabo beautiful things at affordable prices.







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